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North is still up, South is still down, the sun rises from the East and Sets in the West. The world has one sun, one moon, and plenty of stars. A year is broken up into Four Seasons, which are then broken into three months a piece.

Spring- Snowlift, Budding, High Bloom

Summer- Sundawn, Flame Stoke, Pyre Build

Autumn- Cinderleaves, Tree Paint, Forest Glory

Winter- Snowcall, Yule, Frost Hold

Snowcall is known as Raincall in warmer parts of the world, with Frost Hold known as Enduring Monsoon.

Universal Holidays include Spring Solstice in Snowlift and First Harvest in Tree Paint, and depending on the culture either Sun’s Day in Flame Stoke or Yule’s Day in Yule- both days are considered to be celebratory of the creation of all existence and having made it through another year.


Predominantly grasslands to the North, the middle of the Western Continent is sliced in two by the Wyvern’s Tail mountain range, clearly marked by Death’s Spire, the tallest mountain in the known world. The Crags jut up from the earth just south of there, causing the middle of the continent to be starved of water and a hundred times hotter than it would be if it could get the rain. The southern third of the continent is almost entirely jungle, with a small section of saltwater marsh on the peninsula and some steppe where the desert ends before it fades into the dark and vine-choked forest.

The Eastern Continent, or Thessia, is an incredibly green continent that dominates the other side of the globe. Predominantly plains, grasslands, and woodlands, the southern coast is dominated by a thick forest and jungle, especially along Gaia’s Jawbone, the huge volcanic peninsula that juts out from the bottom of the continent. Surrounding this is the God Speckles or Elder Smatterings, a series of islands and archipelagoes that jut up all around Gaia’s Jawbone.

North of the Titan Teeth mountain range is an area of swamp, salt-water marsh and bog called the Fell Downs, which houses the Wyrmwood forest and Lake Feydrink. On the opposite side of The Great River is the Mole Tree forest and the Heartsblood Lake. Further up the continent sits Kisslt Fair, a smaller forest beneath the rolling hillside that closes off half the continent with the grander mountain range The Sky Spears. Nestled between the two short but tremendously tall series of mountains is a small valley filled with forest.

On the top third of the continent, the landscape is dominated by the plains and grasslands, but interrupted by several large landmarks; notably Lake Mirrorstill, and its smaller cousin the Maiden’s Friend, both of with are next to the Sylph Fen and Oakhearth forests respectively. Marring the landscape in three places are the Death Wastes: areas of charred earth and desert where there should be none, an ancient magical war scarring the very world with its atrocities.

There is rather large island some distance from the mainland simply called Homefound, after the city that dominates its one port. However, up to the north, there is a small subcontinent known as Frostheim, despite it’s verdant abundance and temperate climate, crowned with the strip of volcanic mountains The Orc Climb.

The Northern continent is currently called Rakador, or The Harsh Lands, and is largely unexplored frontier and is best described as almost primordial in a sense. Home to several active volcanoes and lava-flows, the land is dominated by two convergent series of mountains forming The Shark’s Tooth, and splitting the known continent into three subsections, the jungle to the East, the plains to the West, and the steppe and small desert to the North.


Not exactly the hotbed of political activity, the Western Continent is largely dominated by the commanding grip of the Dragon Empire (purple) who brings law and order to an otherwise lawless land. Serving the Empire, but still demanding their own private living/hunting territory are the Seven Great Warlords that rule over their own individual areas governed by their underlings, servants, and pawns. In the south, Shapechangers (orange) have made a home for themselves, banding together against the harsh jungle denizens. However, the Yuan-Ti (Light Green with Stripes) are always looking to expand their territory, and recently captures several thousand acres and several hundred hengeyokai from the Shifters’. Opposing the vile snake men in a contested hot-zone are the Lizardmen (dark green) tribes who’s hit-and-run tactics keep the serpents second guessing. If the tribes weren’t consistently bickering among themselves the war would have been done and over with ages and days ago. Lastly there are several areas where life (and thus allegiance) is too widely dispersed or too little in the know to be classified as to belonging to any particular group (red-orange).

Politically the world is much more intriguing on the Eastern side. Almost all countries on Thessia have entered into a loose confederacy of sorts, called the Thessian Alliance. Within the Alliance, each country maintains civility and a promise to assist one another during times of hardship/war, so long as they are not warring against one another. Inter-Alliance wars are fought alone, with no Aid from their fellow members until a cease-arms is called. This has lead to infrequent feuding and a great deal of emphasis being placed on espionage throughout the years, as well as a certain quantity of mercenary work as countries will often hire non-state sanctioned armies to do their bidding against their opponents masked as brigands.

The Thessian Alliance is a minimalist government organization, consisting of two parts: The Council of the Right and the Alliance Judicators. The Council of the Right to Blood acts as the brains of the Alliance, debating what becomes Alliance law and deciding to what depth/effect this takes place. The Alliance Judicators determine and enforce the law upon the Alliance. The two branches also have agents to investigate and determine the neutrality of the other. As always, the respected sovreign/ruler of each state still maintains absolute authority in his realm, which neither the Council nor the Judicators can change, however, they can convince other members of the Thessian Alliance to put political pressure on them.

Individual countries on Thessia are as follows:

Sentia (red), Capital city: Phoenix Rise

Oakengard (blue with blue stripes), Capital city: Fort Iron Key

Telest (green), Capital City: Chafestack

Sesh (light green with light green stripes), Capital city: Garrenton

Elbion (Yellow), Capital city: Verdant Moors

Homefound (green with black stripes), Capital city: Homefound

Kel-Riand (Light blue), Capital city: Sandstripe

Hammersheim (brown), Capital city: Mjolnir

Kreshelt (purple with black stripes), Capital city: Wraithgate

The Steelblood Republic (light brown), Capital city: Slate’s Run

The Suntear Tribe Empire (black with green stripes), Capital city: Shoalshine

Dawn’s Herald (green with green stripes), Capital city: Coral Wonders

North Evensmark (purple), Capital city: Garrenton

South Evensmark (blue), Capital city: Cliffswing

Bandal (light green), Capital city: Brandon’s Landing

Torlane (orange), Capital city: Harvestwell

Dalrane (Red with red stripes), Capital city: Ockren

Kormir (brown with brown stripes), Capital city: Shushent

Wendelsmith (Orange with orange stripes), Capital city: Xilitnet

Doveland (black), Capital city: Pineheath

The two countries/factions on Frostheim are:

Aurora Kingdom (light blue), Capital city: Hildebrand

The Orc Tribe Union (light brown with light brown stripes), Capital city: Red Macana

Rakador is a continent completely dominated by monsters. People who go there get eaten…

At least, that’s what they say.

Note: In case you’re wondering what those colors are, take a look at my map page. See! They’re the Key to the Map! You only have Thessia though, because Obsidian Portal won’t let me upload more than one picture for maps without money. If I get a request or two from my players, I might fork over the cash to upload pictures of the rest of the world, both topographical and political.

You’ll also note in the picture of the map a mysterious unknown continent in the South. It’s important to have blank places on your fantasy world maps. Very important. It leaves space for the imagination. If you dig this, you might also want to check out the Timeline

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