The History of Terragard


The earliest times in Terragard are, like in most worlds, lost to prehistory. So the story of this place begins, as all do, when people decided to start writing down what exactly happened to them. This started with a single human and his journal.

Brenton was a farmer, and his recordings of his daily life paint an accurate portrait of life in the world during simpler times. A citizen of Thessia, he makes no mention of King or Country, guard or warlord, money or tax. Instead he lists the vegetables he’d planted those years, the girls he’d courted before marrying Charlessa, and several excellent recipes for making soups.

And then he died.

Some time after Brenton lived, Elves arrived on Terragard, and quickly began to explore and form alliances across the Thessian continent. They quickly discovered the native races that had existed there before they had: Dwarves (who claimed to have traveled there long ago, but still been there first), Men, orcs, and halflings. Gnomes arrived shortly after the Elves, following their Fey cousins and seeking new lands and experiences. Few things indeed are newer than frontiers, and the world still has many.

The First Sons and the cousins to the fair folk found that their respectable hosts had already formed feudal-style kingdoms and alliances, tribes and governments, and had (most sadly) already tasted the bitter seeds of war and bloodshed, and blackened their hearts with a love of gold and power. Still, they held hope in their breasts for their fellow men, and christened the year New Era One, thus giving birth to the universal calendar of the world.

New Era

N.E. 1 Elves and Gnomes arrive to discover man, orc, dwarf, and halflings already occupy most of the world, predominantly occupying the Eastern continent they arrive on, Thessia.

N.E. 2 Elf astrologers and magicians determine the world to be in its childhood, not forming like it’s infancy, but rather undergoing the strange lull of the preteens before the awkward rage of puberty and the existential numbness of the twenties before the parent pleasing of the thirties and the holyshitwheredidmylifego of the forties and the gottoworkhardbeforeiretire of the 50s and the godsnowimacorpse of the 60s. Also, magic is rather bitchin’ and in no short supply. Mana and leylines and MP and times per day run rampant.

N.E. 5 The first Elven Cities are built on the giant peninsula in the south. Sentia is founded by a half-elf who came with the elves across the world. He names it in honor of all sentient beings and their rights to freedom.

N.E. 12 Karl Mgridden of the dwarf clan Mgridden sets his family to work starting a settlement in a shallow cave in a mountain. He calls this place “Mjolnir.”

N.E. 22 Elf scouts encounter orcs in the Eastern reaches of the Titan’s Teeth mountains. No violence occurs.

N.E. 26 Sesh and Telest are founded in opposition to the raids occurring by the human and orcish pirates from Frostheim.

N.E. 27 Famine strikes [[Kel-Riand]].

N.E. 28 Plague sweeps through Kreshelt, likely the work of an evil sorcerer.

N.E. 30 In their third year of starvation and second year of plague, Kel-Riand and Kreshelt declare war on Sentia for food and clean water.

N.E. 31 A well fed, well armed, well manned Sentia crushes Kel-Riand and Kreshelt’s armies. Kel-Riand’s ruler signs a blood oath to never wage war again. The Baron of Kreshelt is beheaded. Six months later rain comes and the plague ends.

N.E. 100 Elvish scouts begin to barter with the orcs of the Steelblood tribe. A feast is held in Coral Wonders to celebrate the first one hundred years.

N.E. 102 Elven merchants meet orcs on a mountain pass and try to trade before they are cut down without word. It is the first contact with the Suntear tribe, a small, rebellious faction within the Steelblood’s tribal council.

N.E. 104 The Suntears begin guerilla operations against Elves and Steelbloods alike. Elves declare war on orcs.

N.E. 116 Fearing the worst in a losing three-way feud, Great Chief Irgluk takes half his remaining army and marches into the southern jungles where the Suntear tribe resides, burning it as he goes.

N.E. 117 Irgluk is killed after decimating most of the Suntear tribe’s resources. The Suntears pull out of the all-out-war, but rogue groups continue raids to this day. Chuggult the Brainy is voted in Great Chief.

N.E. 119 Mgridden ancestors break open a sealed cavern deep in the mountains, unleashing a curse on his people.

N.E. 132 Sentia, now a walled and castled city, declares it’s first King, King Fenddle the Brave, a halfling.

N.E. 134 Chuggult commands his people to start mining for ore, and to forge weapons and armor instead of hodge-podge them. Negotiations for peace between Elves and Orcs begin, trade with humans resumes.

N.E. 180 After battling the curse for over fifty years, the dwarven clerics finally eradicate the curse in all but one member, a human child who escapes, taking the curse North with him.

N.E. 230 The Count of Kreshelt is found guilty of murder, witchcraft, and depravity with a corpse. He is burned at the stake. Several days later, his wraith tortures several corrupt judges to death. Rainbowgate changes its name to Wraithgate, as nobody knows what a rainbow is there.

N.E. 267 Humans find a goblin child in Doveland. The little ankle-biter is touted as an ugly dwarf and a wonder. He becomes a famous circus star named Tom Difflelicks.

N.E. 272 A strange abandoned longboat is found on the shores of North Evensmark. Fearing the raiders from Frostheim, the locals board themselves inside their wooden city walls, not knowing the hobgoblins had snuck inside disguised as peasants. Concerned friends and families find the city dead and plundered two weeks later.

N.E. 298 Magic finally allows for clean and easy dispense of biological waste. Magical Indoor Plumbing Equivalents abound!

N.E. 301 The cursed child is found in North Elbion after spreading his curse throughout a small town. The result: ghouls. Locals struggle to destroy the monsters, and eventually clear the local area, but some infected escape.

N.E. 327 Late in the fall, a new set of planar travelers arrive: Drow and Vampires. Both keep low profiles.

N.E. 333 A magical ritual goes awry causing everyone to be able to fly for a day and ice-cream to rain from the skies. Also, all tooth decay magically heals for forty eight hours.

N.E. 334 Frostheim begins to have racial feuds. Humans start to push Orcs back.

N.E. 350 A summoning ritual gets botched, bringing an angy glabrezu to Dalrane where it wreaks havoc for several years.

N.E. 361 An old magician loses his cat. If you have seen it, please contact him via his crystal-orb.

N.E. 400 An outbreak of ghouls in northern Sentia pushes its way into Oakengard. Bolstered by dwarven warriors and clerics, the largely human and elf population punishes the undead like misbehaving children in the general store.

N.E. 423 Sigll Tenndlcot, a gnome inventor, creates the dirigible, water balloon, crazy straw, squirt gun, and sunglasses. He is largely seen as a failure for his inability to cook a better pickle than his rival at the local fair.

N.E. 478 Frostheim long ships land on The Harsh Land. After a successful raid on a goblin town, the pirates push into the forest and discover trolls. Trolls discover the taste of human flesh and decide its better than goblin.

N.E. 482 An elvish wizard puts an end to a black dragon’s rule over Wraithgate. He is lauded with gold, women, and wine. Everyone else gets jealous.

N.E. 495 The Suntear tribe launches a full-frontal assault on The Steelblood territory. Now a full-fledged tribal republic, the axe and shield wielding orcs beat the shit out of their macana and loincloth cousins.

N.E. 496 The tarrasque wakes up, goes pee, and goes back to bed.

N.E. 500 An emmisary from the Western Continent arrives. Aghist the Foul is born. [[Telamen-Rahl]] discovers immortality and becomes an Eternal One.

N.E. 508 A storm causes a Frostheim long boat to lose its course. After many months at sea, the remnant of the crew arrives in a strange land across the sea. They eventually return home with gifts of spice, silk, steel, grain, and tales of adventure in the land abroad.

N.E. 521 The Arch-mages of Thessia gather in Harvestwell and build the Grand Library, laying the groundwork for the birth of The Thessian Mages Society. Aghist is apprenticed to Telamen-Rahl.

N.E. 538 Dunnel and Shaspin, two explorers from Elbion and Sentia, discover a landmass several thousand miles from the shore of the mainland. They call it Homefound.

N.E. 541 The popular stage critics Aebert and The Roper are found dead at an inn in Ockren. Public outcry leads to the town being razed by angry thesbian protestors.

N.E. 542 Green Furred Wumbits, prized for their pelts and their delicious tasting flesh, are hunted to extinction in Thessia. Only the foul tasting and coarse haired silver furred wumbits remain.

N.E. 567 The Thessian Mages Society is founded, becoming the first ever mages guild. The Grand Library is moved to an extraplanar location, and the tower in Harvestwell becomes the Adeptus Academy for Young Spellwrites.

N.E. 570 Darkon, the Ape Lord, moves his tribe of mountain gorillions into the southern jungles. An alliance is formed with the Suntears, who begin using the beasts as mounts.

N.E. 584 Oakengard is assaulted by a red wyrm, eventually killed during the harsh winter in a great duel with a warrior and a mage. The Dragonslayers move north. The Suntears invade Dawn’s Herald, eventually ransacking Coral Wonders. Darkon is slain in the process, becoming a martyr for his people. He is interred in the rocks of his mountain homeland and then declared a god by the Suntear shamans.

N.E. 590 Telemen-Rahl is betrayed by his apprentice for not sharing his secret of eternal life. Greedy for immortality, Aghist steals his coded notes and tries the ritual himself, becoming the first lich in the process. He flees to the north continent.

N.E. 595 Using a combination of elemental binding, ingenuity and combustion-engine physics, orcs invent the squealywailer and the chuggathrummer, two key instruments in orcish music to this day.

N.E. 597 A covey of hags moves into Kreshelt’s saltwater bogs. They say that their still there to this day, guarded by bigger, more pea-brained minions.

N.E. 598 Census shows that Phoenix Rise officially reaches over two hundred thousand people, has it’s own sewer system, and becomes a haven for architects looking to build houses and start construction on a new castle for the King of Sentia.

N.E. 599 Mad with power, Aghist the Foul enslaves most of the monsters of the northern continent, hires, slaughters, and reanimates several longboats worth of Frostheim soldiers, and sails for Thessia.

N.E. 600 The Foul Army lands.

Easily one thousand years ago there was an evil sorcerer who sought to elevate himself above all men. Believing himself superior to the rest of humanity, he raised an army of the dead to walk before him, and brought monsters from all across the realms to bear on the land. He marched them across the Elysian Fields towards the Thessian Alliance’s heart at Sentia. King Efen the Great met the wicked magic user with his armies, but they were no match. For every soldier that fell rose from the ground to walk again under the banner of the dark mage. The battle raged on for days, turning the land into the Death-Wastes that now mar our country. In the end it was not the King that saved our world, but rather a group of adventurers that had been drafted by their respective countries that put an end to the necromancer’s ways. By combining their forces against him, they were able to exile the evil one into another world. History has moved on now, and the Great Heroes names are lost to the sands of time and their early retirement. The Warriors retired to family life, the Bandit King finally took his monetary reward, The Magi had her revenge, and the Cleric put down his hammer and picked up his texts. Only the Foreign Master continued to adventure, eventually becoming the first and last God-Emperor of the Western Continent before he disappeared, leaving no apparent heirs and only cryptic writings as to his return.

After the war was done, the monsters now free of mind control scattered, forming bands and raiding parties in the wilderness. Few attempted to fit in to society, but most were eventually cut down. Most of the bulk of the army of the dread sorcerer was undead, and died the moment he was exiled from this realm, but some goblins, hobgoblins, trolls, bugbears, wargs, ettercaps, giants and other creatures remained and fled the battlefield, save the trolls, which scavenged and ate corpses with the crows and wolves.

Reeling from the horror they’d witnessed, but celebrating the defeat of their enemy, the Elves called for an End of the Age, and chose a new name for the calendar years: Fortune’s Grace.

Fortune’s Grace

F.G 1 Thessia begins to rebuild from the Great War.

F.G. 2 Soldiers who fought in the war return home to find their home towns ransacked, raided, or corrupted by a lack of policing force thanks to the draft instilled to repel Aghist.

F.G. 5 A new problem is added to the high tensions of Thessia: the goblinoids, giants, and monsters brought to the land by the dread sorcerer don’t just up and leave. They instead form their own pocket settlements and begin raiding human lands. A few start legitimate settlements and begin family life.

F.G. 13 After several years of talks and debates, the Thessian Alliance is founded out of the countries that banded together to repel the invading forces of the Northern Continent and their lichlord. Included in the treaty are Sentia, Oakengard, Hammersheim, Doveland, Elbion, Kormir, Sesh, The Steelblood Tribe, and Dawn’s Herald

F.G. 20 Bjorn Erikson begins to unite the raiders and indigenous people of Frostheim using a campaign of violence and bribery.

F.G. 37 The Aurora Kingdom is founded, and its capital city is named Hildebrand.

F.G. 48 The hags in the bogs of Kreshelt begin to hire and cultivate several tribes of goblins, trolls and other non-humanoids, feeding them all but their most loyal minions.

F.G. 54 Everwen Tishal, a human inventor and mage-apprentice, builds the first Mana Converter, but miscalculates some input/output ratios and the machine detonates, leveling a city block in the process. The majority of his work is confiscated by the Wendelsmith government.

F.G. 69 Summer of Love. People bone. Lots of elves are made.

F.G. 71 A fishing vessel filled with people from the Western Continent arrives in Homefound in bad need of food, water, and medical care. They trade their cargo of potatoes, root vegetables, spices, and steel ingots for all of the former. They also trade tales of their strange homeland.

F.G. 83 Violence breaks out between humanoid and goblinoid races after a string of kidnappings and disappearances around Lake Feydrink. The goblinoid settlements stave off their attackers while simultaneously hunting the fair-folk they feel responsible for the deeds.

F.G. 86 The outpost at Feydrink hangs three selkies and a nymph. Gnomes, outraged at the deaths of their cousins, flock to Kreshelt and begin to glammer themselves as goblins and begin covert assassinations and slaughter of the judges and all members associated with the trial.

F.G 92 Mount Cragspire erupts in the Sky Spear mountain range, caving in several dwarf dwellings and burning several bridges. Fallout reaches as far as Fort Iron Key and southern Telest.

F.G. 98 After close to sixty years on the throne, the [[God-Emperor]] of the western continent disappears from his ornate palace, leaving only cryptic journals and artwork as clues to a return.

F.G. 107 North and South Evansmark join the Alliance.

F.G. 115 The course to the Western Continent, including how long it will take, is finally plotted. Trade begins immediately.

F.G. 122 Kormir spies steal the plans for Tishal’s Mana Converter and place it in the hands of their most capable scientists and mages. Kormir soon becomes a hotbed for inventors and industry.

F.G. 143 The archaeologist Archibald Gildeburn raises the first Artifex Machina, later called the Godforges. Elven historians begin to rethink the age and pre-history of Terragard.

F.G. 157 Several mages begin working on a spell to cure bad breath and help teeth not rot out of people heads.

F.G. 170 Kormir withdraws from the Alliance after accusations of hoarding gold during economic downtimes. Kormir architects begin construction of a giant wall around Shushent

F.G. 192 It is officially decided in Phoenix Rise that the king’s horse is amazing and does indeed taste just like raisins.

F.G. 213 Countess Ciciphem of Wraithgate is found guilty of murder and witchcraft and hung by the neck until dead. Several days later, sightings of the Countess are reported throughout the city. When she is exhumed, Ciciphem is found warm, pink, with fresh blood on her mouth. A stake is driven through her heart. The sightings stop.

F.G. 247 R’ithlak Bisha, the last Grand Pasha of the rakshasha Empire in the southern coast of the Western continent is slain by a Lizardfolk uprising, ending is reign and returning the eastern jungles to their control.

F.G. 250 Several monks from both the schools of the Immortal Aspects, Heaven and Earth, as well as those from Rising Tortoise and the Falling Phoenix schools arrive in Thessia, setting up monasteries and teaching their philosophies and skills to their students.

F.G. 275 Drow launch an attack on Hammersheim, only to be repelled by the extensive and numerous battle hardened dwarves. In the attack, King Eblenson is killed. A monument is built in his honor.

F.G. 284 The Emperor’s Warlords demand their own hunting grounds from the Council of Elders that rules in his stead. Fearing an inability to control them without the Emperor’s great magical power and charisma, the wise men concede several pockets of land to them and their families.

F.G. 290 Trolls begin moving out of the swamps an into the Titan’s Teeth mountains. The Steelblood orcs cedes some land to Kreshelt in the process, and political tension rises.

F.G. 303 Sir Leopold the Brave, a half-orc, is Knighted in Phoenix Rise. The Steelblood clans declares a holiday in his honor.

F.G. 326 [[Jak-R’lth’l]], a hatchling of the red wyrm killed in Oakengard settles in the easternmost mountains of the Titan’s Teeth Range.

F.G. 353 An ancient abandoned settlement is found on Homefound, including an Artifex Machina. Magineers begin to try and reactivate it.

F.G. 367 The Steelbloods disband all tribal laws within their council, instead adopting a universal government with voted chieftains of each tribe forming the council, officially adopting the title of The Steelblood Republic.

F.G. 382 Several halflings escape being eaten when they convince one of the hags of the Fell Downs that they aren’t halflings at all, but rather shape changed fiends come to double-check on their evil-making progess. Their harrowing tales are popularized on the recently invented printing press.

F.G. 399 Count Orloc Strnad ascends in Wraithgate, beginning the Strnad familial reign over the city. Some theorize that Orloc still lives somewhere within the grand mansion, offering advice to his heirs from beyond the grave.

F.G. 402 The journals of the Dragonslayers of Oakengard are found, and added to the Historical documents of the Grand Library.

F.G. 417 A small child is officially declared “Most Badass Dude Of All Time” after kicking an owlbear in the nuts and living to tell the tale in Oakhearth. From that day on, nobody messes with him. Ever.

F.G. 438 Neon colors become popular for the next twenty years. Several years after that, people look back and think “The Hell did I do that shit for?”

F.G. 473 Using the power of Mana Converters, a team of magineers, shipwrights, and alchemists create the first airship. Unfortunately, the cost for making one is incredibly steep, so the business does not take off, although theory and design persist.

F.G. 492 Lycanthropes infest Dawn’s Herald. Elves feel as though they can’t get a break.

F.G. 547 A group of mages form The Hunt, a sect of spellwrites dedicated to the eradication of monsters.

F.G. 568 The Steelbloods enlist the aid of Jak-R’lth’l against the trolls invading their homeland. Within several years trolls are eventually pushed back.

F.G. 610 Bondar the Great, a giant of some intellect, builds a fortress in the hills a few miles from Verdant Moors, much to the civilized folk’s protest. He largely doesn’t care.

F.G. 623 Drow find an exit to the surface on the Western continent, and are soon embroiled in a bitter battle with the monks and warriors of the Wyvern Tail Mountains.

F.G. 648 Pirates start a settlement on the opposite shore of Homefound. Difficult to get to, it is protected by several sandbars, and is home to sharks a plenty.

F.G. 688 The Hunt, once a small group of mages only, gets it’s hands on a copy of The Dragonslayers’ Diaries. Several years later, utilizing the tactics and techniques held therein, they become The Bellerophon, a group of monster hunters for hire made up of two man teams from two schools: the mages of Malleus Monstrous and the warriors of the Fireblood Brigade.

F.G. 723 Kreshelt, Wendelsmith, Dorlane, and Talrane join the Thessian Alliance.

F.G. 754 A Kraken terrorizes Garrenton, with no armada between the two of them, Sesh and North Evansmark hire a fleet of corsairs and privateers to kill the beast. Both countries fall into debt, and Garrenton becomes a haven for rapscallions.

F.G. 791 Monstrous crocodiles are found in the sewers of Phoenix Rise and Sandstripe.

F.G. 807 Baron Von Cogsmeister and his Judicator, [[Mr. Goodbar]], decide to tear down large sections of the walls to Shushent, and relax commerce laws.

F.G. 836 The Orc tribes of Frostheim fortify their locations against human attacks as the Aurora Kingdom presses further towards their territory.

F.G. 842 Coral Wonders forms a small three airship armada, making it the first air-powered nation.

F.G. 915 A silver dragon arrives in Titan’s Teeth. Jak-R’lth’l becomes immensely enraged, but waits, and plots.

F.G. 965 Several members of the Bellerophon interrupt a local adventuring group’s raid on a den of gnolls, leading to confusion, violence, and enmity between adventuring guilds and The Bellerophon.

F.G. 970 King Middendorfi of Hammersheim is born.

F.G. 999 Widespread panic occurs as the new millennium approaches, many prophesying the end of the world.

F.G. 1000 Everyone who thought Armageddon was going to happen feels very silly.

F.G. 1001 Jak-R’lth’l and the silver dragon meet and do battle over Sandstripe, laying waste to much of the city in the process. Jak-R’lth’l severely wounds the younger and more inexperienced dragon, who runs away across planes before the killing blow.

F.G. 1023 Yuan Ti advance and steal a sizable quantity of land from their Hengeyokai neighbors.

F.G. 1067 The God-Emperor of the Western Continent returns to the Heavenly City as mysteriously as he first appeared.

F.G. 1070 – Present Year.


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